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  • 12 March 2019

    INTERVIEW: Johannes Benigni on 2019 Oil Market Outlook
    • Current political climates in Venezuela, Iran, and Algeria, as well as the possibility of more cuts, could drive the price of oil to $80/bbl in the first half of 2019.
    • The situation with Iran and the US (and its uncertain future) presents a key risk for the market; should the situation escalate, the price of oil could very well surge even above that level, though that would be short-lived.
    • At this time a containment strategy is expected regarding Iran, but there is no indication what the strategy of the Trump administration is; on the other hand, the Iranians seem to be hoping to sit Trump out without inciting further antagonism.
    • The outlook for the second half of 2019 predicts an economic slowdown, with decreasing demand and increasing supply (from the US and other countries), which would drive the price of oil down to $50-60/bbl.


  • 12 March 2019

    Oil edges higher on cuts to Saudi exports

    “‘We see a tightening underlying physical crude balance as a key pillar of support for outright prices at this point in the year,’ said analysts at JBC Energy in a report.”


  • 06 March 2019

    Asia’s gasoline margin rises to four-month high

    “Refining margins have strengthened over recent days with complex and simple margins in northwest Europe touching highs not seen since early January and late December, respectively, research consultancy JBC Energy said in a note to clients on Monday.”

    “‘Essentially the full length of the barrel has contributed (to the gains in refining margins) but middle distillate cracks in Europe are pushing hard towards the $20 per barrel mark – a three-month high and also some of the highest levels observed over the last five years,’ said JBC Energy.”

    “‘Naphtha and gasoline have also garnered support with maintenance and potentially US outages playing a role,’ said JBC, warning that US gasoline inventories were ‘not looking particularly tight.’”

    “‘Assuming that new capacity additions do arrive on time, there is still a sizeable oversupply of light distillates to deal with this year if stock levels are to be constrained,’ said the Vienna-based consultancy.”

    Business Recorder

  • 04 March 2019

    Libya’s Largest Oil Field Restarts Production

    The combination of sanctions and voluntary curbs led to a decline of 550,000 barrels a day in OPEC’s February crude production, a decrease of 2.2 million daily barrels from October’s levels, according to Vienna-based consulting firm JBC Energy.”

    The Wall Street Journal

  • 01 March 2019

    Oil Falls on Fresh Demand Worries, Stronger Dollar

    OPEC’s crude production declined by 550,000 barrels a day in February, bringing the oil cartel’s total drop in output since October to 2.2 million barrels a day, according to consulting firm JBC Energy.”

    The Wall Street Journal

  • 26 February 2019

    Oil Market Bright Spot Gets Dimmed by Korea, China Supply Surge

    “China’s shipments surge was in part caused by weak domestic demand for transport fuel, according to JBC Energy GmbH, a Vienna-based researcher.”

    “‘Presumably if this demand-side pressure continues, we can expect China’s drag on the wider market to be maintained until such point as crude runs in the country are actually constrained,’ JBC said in a note, talking about the amount of crude that refineries turn into fuels. There are no signs of the plants curbing those processing rates at this stage, it said.”

    “For South Korea, the exports surge is a function of refineries managing to churn out more diesel at the expense of other fuels, according to JBC. The plants yielded 6 percentage points more diesel over the past three months than a year earlier, according to JBC. A curtailment in buying of ultra-light oil from Iran probably contributed to that, as did changes in the country’s refining system, the researcher said.”


  • 19 February 2019

    Brent dips as demand worries weigh, U.S. oil prices hit 2019 high

    “‘Given a continuously uncertain economic picture, our already relatively bearish outlook for 2019 of below 1 million bpd in global oil demand growth may be subject to further downwards revisions,’ analysts at JBC Energy wrote.”


  • 18 February 2019

    Oil Prices Extend Climb on Falling Supply

    “‘The supply side is currently driven by an OPEC+ member that is very serious about trying to prop up this market [Saudi Arabia], while the U.S. is actively limiting Venezuelan and Iranian oil flows,’ analysts at consulting firm JBC Energy wrote in a note Monday. ‘At least in the short-term, it would seem that not much stands in the way of prices gunning for a test of $70 for Brent,’ they added.”

    The Wall Street Journal

  • 18 February 2019

    Oil prices hit three-month high on trade deal optimism

    “‘At least in the short term it would seem that not much stands in the way of prices gunning for a test of $70,’ said analysts at JBC Energy.”

    Financial Times

  • 18 February 2019

    INTERVIEW: Johannes Benigni on Supply
    • OPEC + cuts especially relevant after US production increase of 2.5 million barrels in 2018
    • We see increasing quality mismatch between the demand for medium sour barrels from the refining sector and constant increase of the light sweet crude supply
    • The price of oil in the first half of 2019 will move toward the $60-$70 range due to new refineries opening, sanctions, and OPEC+ cuts; thereafter the price might dip

    CNBC Arabia

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