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  • 09 January 2018

    OPEC Doesn’t Want Brent Over $60 a Barrel, Says Iran’s Oil Minister

    ‘US Output will rise by at least 830,000 barrels a day this year, JBC Energy GmbH said Tuesday in a note. That could cause U.S. crude prices to “cool” in the first half, the Vienna-based researcher said.’


  • 04 January 2018

    Five things to watch as Brent crude oil nears $70

    ‘Analysts at JBC Energy say the biggest short-term risk is if the Iranian government’s response to the protests spurs further sanctions from the US, with President Donald Trump said to be unlikely to certify the landmark nuclear deal with Iran later this month.

    “Beyond the recent focus on street protests, the potential reinstatement of US sanctions targeting the Iranian oil industry remains an issue,” JBC analysts said.’

    Financial Times

  • 03 January 2018

    US Arctic cold draws rare tankers of heating oil

    ‘Vienna based consultancy JBC Energy estimated demand for heating oil in the United States will rise by 90,000 barrels per day in January and February compared to a year earlier.’


  • 07 December 2017

    Asian LNG prices at three-year high as China curbs pollution

    ‘The rise in Asian LNG prices comes as gas prices in Europe also increase in anticipation of higher demand in the face of colder weather. In the UK, “pipeline inflows into the country are reportedly stable, but prices are now subject to real and anticipated demand spikes as temperatures hit lower levels,” according to JBC Energy, a Vienna-based consultancy.’

    Financial Times

  • 01 December 2017

    Opec and Russia boost oil prices after extending production cuts

    ‘US producers have benefited from producer cuts and analysts at JBC Energy say they are likely to do so again as prices rise. “Each additional dollar is likely to lead to upside potential for the US shale pool,” they say.’

    Financial Times

  • 23 October 2017

    Bullish oil bets favour Brent over US WTI contract

    ‘ “The effect of the curtailment in crude deliveries out of northern Iraq registered more strongly on the Brent side[last week],” said analysts at JBC Energy in Vienna.’

    Financial Times

  • 02 October 2017

    – Crude oil has not enough fuel to go higher from here

    – The OPEC/non-OPEC cuts are expected to be prolonged till the end of 2018

    – Product markets are normalising with Middle Distillates showing strength

    – While demand growth for 2017 comes in at around 1.6mb/d we see 2018 closer to 1.3mb/d

    Bloomberg TV

  • 02 August 2017

    OPEC wants oil above $50, but US shale producers won’t play along

    ‘ “We see Brent prices sustained at or slightly above $50 per barrel over the next few months,” said […] JBC Energy. “However, this hinges on compliance not only in terms of reported production figures but also in terms of actual arrivals at consumer hubs…otherwise the credibility of the deal and outright oil prices will suffer.” ‘


  • 31 July 2017

    Diesel prices in Europe rise after Rotterdam refinery blaze

    ‘JBC Energy in Vienna said refinery outages and maintenance were also already running at a higher level over June and July, up by about 850,000 b/d compared with the same period last year.

    “The call on refining in the Atlantic Basin is the highest since 2015 and at the moment every outage can have a disproportionate effect on the market,” JBC said.’

    Financial Times

  • 20 July 2017

    Brent breaks $50-a-barrel for first time in 6 weeks

    ‘ “It thus seems that the Saudi plan to make a visible dent in US stocks is working out for the time being”, said analysts at JBC Energy, a Vienna based energy consultancy. “But the market remains rightfully focused on medium-term supply aspects where ongoing increases in US rig counts and production remain a fact” ’

    Financial Times

JBC Energy News & Upcoming Events

Upcoming - See us in action

  • 06 - 07 September, 2018 - Vienna, Austria

    JBC Energy Matters Seminar – VIENNA 2018

    We are excited to announce the Second Annual JBC Energy Matters Seminar, which will take place in Vienna on 6&7 September, 2018.

    JBC Energy Matters Seminar
  • 03 - 04 October, 2018 - Singapore

    JBC Energy Matters Seminar – SINGAPORE 2018

    Mirroring the Vienna JBC Energy Matters Seminar to be held in September, we are very pleased to announce that we will be holding a seminar in Singapore on 3&4 October, 2018.


    JBC Energy Matters Seminar

In the Past

  • 06 - 07 November, 2017 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Gasoline, Naphta & LPG Conference

    Light ends in the transportation sector: recent developments and outlook


  • 02 - 03 November, 2017 - Vienna, Austria

    CIS & CEE Downstream Project Management

    Global Downstream Dynamics: Current Strength and its Persistence


  • 21 - 22 September, 2017 - Vienna

    JBC Energy Matters Seminar

    JBC Energy Matters Seminar – Market Views from Vienna

    21-22 September 2017

    The inaugural “JBC Energy Matters” Seminar will be held in Vienna, Austria, on 21-22 September 2017.

    Hosted by JBC Energy experts, the 2-day Seminar will offer in-depth presentations and workshops on all major areas of our oil & gas markets and industry research

    JBC Energy

  • 29 June, 2017 - Singapore

    Bunkering and Storage Asia Conference

    Analysis of the implications of IMO specification change on bunker and storage companies


  • 11 May, 2017 - London

    10th Global Crude Oil Summit

    IMO Spec change and its ramifications on the oil sector

    – What will IMO spec changes and other environmental regulations do for crude price differentials?


  • 06 April, 2017 - Vienna

    23rd Annual BBSPA Conference

    Oil Market Developments:

    – Current Supply developments in light of the OPEC/non-OPEC production cut

    – US Shale revival

    – Oversupply to continue? JBC Energy’s view on balances




  • 29 March, 2017 - Rotterdam

    StocExpo Europe

    2020 refining developments with focus on IMO regulations and implications for storage


  • 16 February, 2017 - Mumbai

    Refining & Petrochemicals World Expo

    Chemtech Foundation

  • 01 - 02 February, 2017 - Antwerp

    7th Annual Middle Distillates Conference


  • 24 - 25 January, 2017 - Amsterdam

    10th Annual European Oil Storage Conference