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Access all of your subscribed reports and JBC Energy’s pioneering views in one place with JBC Online! All of our reports are available to subscribers online through our portal: JBC Online. Here you can view the latest issues of our reports on the landing page, accompanied by a short overview. Older issues of the reports can also be accessed through the archive function – no more sifting through your emails to find old issues! View your reports easily in your browser or download them for offline perusals. The online PDF reader allows you to switch smoothly between issues of the same report, add an issue to your favourites list, or mark an issue as unread and keep it on your reading list. If you stumble across a publication that interests you, but you do not have access to, with the click of a button you can easily request a trial or a sample of the report directly from JBC Online.

Another wonderful function of JBC Online is the Search feature. You can search for particular keywords across all of our services, including our publications, Insights, Webcasts, and messages. Results can then be filtered by service, report, file type, timeframe, and so on. This works great with our archive allowing you to see our full coverage on particular topics over time.

The Insights are JBC Energy’s interactive web-based service. Corresponding to several of our existing monthly publications, our Insights are short article streams that provide regular updates in-between publication periods. They are the quickest way to stay up to date on research findings and critical market developments when they happen. Our Insights are updated constantly with new material including insightful charts and opinion pieces from our renowned industry experts. They can be accessed exclusively through our JBC Online portal. We currently offer the following Insight streams:

  • Our Asian Insights provide clients with a snapshot on a daily basis of all our analysis that impacts Asian markets. Through our Asian Insights you can monitor critical market developments, key regional supply and demand trends, and receive across-the-barrel coverage of refined products and crucial analysis of regional refining and crude oil markets. This Insights service corresponds to our Asian Oil Markets publications.
  • Our Big Picture Insights provide the latest and most comprehensive updates on JBC Energy’s assessments on supply, demand, and stockchange/balances. They deliver our immediate take on big picture issues as well as our original and pioneering market views. This Insights service corresponds to our Benigni on Oil Markets and Market Watch publications.
  • Our BoB – IMO, CoB, MoB, and ToB Insights provide quick and concise JBC-style commentary as well as charts on all relevant aspects of supply, demand, balances, trade flows and pricing. They deliver expert-level fundamental coverage and consistent model-driven projections. These Insights services correspond to our Barrel series of publications.

In addition to these six Insights services, we also publish public Insights which are available to all JBC Online users. This Insights stream features updates on new JBC Energy services, news, and media-mentions, upcoming events, and key research highlights. JBC Online users also receive a daily summary email of our Insights and Webcasts.

New to JBC Online – JBC Energy Webcasts!
Our newest web-based service – JBC Energy Webcasts – provide short and concise presentations of 5 to 15 minutes on different hot topics from all of our recent analysis on new market developments. Currently free-of-charge, you can access the Webcasts through the Webcasts tab in the JBC Online portal.

emailAdditional Features
Among the other services and features we offer through JBC Online is your personal Inbox. It allows us to provide tailored research such as client research requests directly to individual users. In addition, you can use JBC Online to view your personal JBC Energy profile. This allows you to view which publications you are currently receiving, what services you have access to, as well the option to edit your email and communication preferences.

conferenceWe are very excited about the possibilities JBCO can offer and we are continuously working to improve its functionality and develop new ways to deliver industry-leading content to you. Any feedback on how we can make this platform work best for you is always welcome

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