Zoom in on your target region with our weekly and monthly reports, offering a comprehensive overview of recent news, coupled with investigation as to what this really means for local crude and product markets.

Inventory data and storage economics Inventory data and storage economics
Crude differentials and product crack spreads Crude differentials and product crack spreads
Arb incentive calculations Arb incentive calculations
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Med oil weekly
Your weekly Med roundup

Med Oil Weekly

The Med Oil Weekly compiles all the most important news and developments from the prior week, breaking down fundamentals driving the crude and product markets

  • Short-term outlook on regional crude differentials, with a focus on Urals, North Sea Dated and WTI delivered to Europe
  • Product-by-product breakdown of movement in cracks over the reporting week, with our outlook for the weeks ahead
  • INCLUDES: Relative incentive calculations of refining regional crude; refinery maintenance updates; crude intake and balance figures and many more!
Latest issues

Issue 31 - 4 Aug'20

Crude quality spreads have been normalising, while limited losses in HSFO have also weakened relative strength in complex Med margins

Issue 30 - 28 Jul'20

Crude strength in Europe begins to stall

Issue 29 - 21 Jul'20

Italian consumption data hints at a v-shaped recovery for road fuels demand, with jet still lagging the recovery.

Issue 28 - 14 Jul'20

High compliance keeps the crude market tight, with little near term optimism regarding the return of Libya exports

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Med oil monthly
Your monthly Med roundup

Med Oil Monthly

Short on time? The Med Oil Monthly report catches you up on the developing stories of the month in the Med and North Sea, combined with our outlook for the month ahead.

  • Analysis of monthly movement in product cracks and crude differentials
  • Ideal for those with a busy schedule and interested in our main takeaways from the month prior
  • Combine with the Med Oil Weekly to gain a better understanding of how smaller developments are likely to affect the bigger picture
Latest issues

Issue 7 - 29 Jul'20

Crude market strength stalls, helping to boost simple and medium margins in the Med

Issue 6 - 24 Jun'20

Low margins extend refining capacity shut-ins, with some improvement expected going forward.

Issue 5 - 27 May'20

Tightness should begin to emerge in the European crude balance next month, with medium, sour scarcity to support Urals differentials

Issue 4 - 29 Apr'20

Urals to outperform Med light-sweets moving forward. Med products move increasingly into floating storage as onshore stocks build.

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Americas weekly
Instant analysis of weekly data

Americas Weekly

Timely, informative and concise data, coupled with insightful commentary on the most recent events in crude and product markets across North, Central and South America

  • Analysis of trends in the US market in light of weekly EIA inventory data
  • Chart-heavy analysis of supply fundamentals and crude markets, as well as processing and product markets
  • Each issue includes a bonus article on a special topic, from trade flows and supply to demand or natural gas
Latest issues

Issue 31 - 5 Aug'20

EIA monthly data indicates that US crude production dropped to just 10 million b/d over May.

Issue 30 - 29 Jul'20

Historic US hydrocarbon production developments suggest striking differences in the price sensitivity of various supply streams.

Issue 29 - 22 Jul'20

A difficult H2 lies ahead for US LNG exports, with major European countries forecast to turn to Russian piped gas imports at the margin.

Issue 28 - 15 Jul'20

Oil demand in the Americas continues to falter amid ongoing coronavirus concerns.

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FSU-CEE insight
25 years of expertise

FSU/CEE Insight

Taking a deep dive into the intricacies of the FSU market, our analysts share their valuable and original investigations, all while looking at how this influences the bigger picture

  • Profound understanding of the frequently changing Russian taxation and incentive system for the refining, upstream and trading industries
  • A focus on corporate news with in-depth knowledge on how geopolitical and strategic issues drive fundamentals in the region
  • Includes supply, demand and export projections based on our in-house modelling, country profiles, Urals quality analysis, pipeline logistics
Latest issues

Issue 31 - 6 Aug'20

Russian crude and condensate output in July came in largely in line with expectations and the rest of Q3 will probably not bring major surprises. Beyond this quarter a gradual ramp-up of output appears to be on the cards.

Issue 30 - 30 Jul'20

Russian diesel exports will remain depressed over the rest of Q3, amid a myriad of factors.

Issue 29 - 23 Jul'20

While Q2 brought with it some interesting shifts in the quality of Russian crude export grades, Q3 promises to be at least as dynamic.

Issue 28 - 16 Jul'20

CEE refiners will not be forced to close refinery capacities going forward with one major exception.

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Asian oil monthly
Your no-frills update

Asian Oil Monthly

The Asian Oil Monthly delivers one monthly report which rounds up the most pressing issues of the month with our outlook for one month forward. Also enjoy access to JBC Energy Asian Insights daily.

  • Access to a regular stream of our analysis on the latest data, price movements, and relevant news pieces from the region as it happens
  • Detailed fundamental data and analysis on East of Suez markets, including the Middle East delivered to you once a month
Latest issues

Issue 7 - 17 Jul'20

Singapore complex margins have fallen from their mid-June highs, closing the gap to comparable setups in the West of Suez.

Issue 6 - 18 Jun'20

Refiners in Japan, Southeast Asia succumb to pressure.

Issue 5 - 22 May'20

China is forcing deeper run cuts elswhere in Asia.

Issue 4 - 22 Apr'20

How much crude is in floating storage?

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Asian oil weekly
Your weekly guide to the Asian market

Asian Oil Weekly

The Asian Oil Weekly delivers short-term updates on developments in the Asian crude and products markets, with expert-led analysis feeding into a short-term outlook for the weeks ahead.

  • Instant analysis of weekly data from all the major Asian economies (PPAC, PAJ), which feed into our extensive modelling.
  • Discussion of hot topic issues including how regulatory changes will drive these developing economies
Latest issues

Issue 32 - 7 Aug'20

The competitive edge of Asian refiners continues to fade.

Issue 31 - 31 Jul'20

Assessing the impact of floods in China on oil demand.

Issue 30 - 24 Jul'20

Looking for signs of weakness in Asian crude buying

Issue 29 - 17 Jul'20

Gasoline markets are set to be dominated by COVID-19 and China, but weak middle distillates could keep light end cracks alive.