Our Big Picture report series offers insights into all the most important market developments in global oil and gas markets as well as the wider energy sector. These publications deliver JBC Energy pioneering market views and are widely read by key decision makers in the energy industry.

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Energy market report
A 5-minute must-read for everybody in the industry

Energy Market Report

The Energy market report is a daily bulletin delivering sharp and timely analysis on crude oil, petroleum product, natural gas, LNG and much more! This report tackles the key drivers of energy markets providing expert insights into recent market developments in a concise single page format. 

  • Daily commentary and analysis of the most important industry developments including those that go under the radar of most news outlets.
  • Written by JBC Energy experts from every field always combining a wide array of opinions.
Latest issues

Issue 21-Jun-2021 - 21 Jun'21

Talks to revive the 2015 Nuclear Deal were adjourned on Sunday after the election of a new Iranian President. Latest Covid-19 trends support global oil demand recovery, but risks remain.

Issue 18-Jun-2021 - 18 Jun'21

We introduce a note of caution towards OPEC+ 'caution', with risks growing as prices rise

Issue 17-Jun-2021 - 17 Jun'21

Crude differentials rise along crude prices. Demand coming back gradually in Asia. Update on US drilling data.

Issue 16-Jun-2021 - 16 Jun'21

High US gasoline exports open a couple of interesting questions as to why this is happening and digging deeper into relative refinery economics offers some answers.

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Market watch
The Best of JBC Energy

Market Watch

Our Market Watch report provides monthly analysis of key fundamental trends in crude oil, petroleum product, natural gas, LNG and freight markets.  This report allows subscribers to explore the major trends driving markets and incorporates JBC Energy’s latest forecasts and outlooks

  • Extended editorial examines in detail a key dynamic shaping the market
  • Detailed analysis of supply and demand trends, with explicit and transparent revisions.
  • Regular, chart-focused updates on seven key topics, including dedicated analysis of less-covered areas such as freight, natural gas and alternative fuels markets.
  • Monthly data delivery which breaks down our forward-looking assessment of supply, demand, and balances across 10 geographical regions
Latest issues

Issue 6 - 18 Jun'21

China’s independent players stand to lose out from the policy reform

Issue 5 - 21 May'21

Carbon prices under the spotlight

Issue 4 - 19 Apr'21

A closer look at how COVID-19 and IMO 2020 are impacting fuel oil

Issue 3 - 19 Mar'21

Oil still cannot stand on its own legs

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Benigni on oil markets
Inspired by our founder’s pioneering views

Benigni on Oil Markets (BoOM)

Our Benigni on Oil Markets (BoOM!) offers readers original and pioneering market views, focusing on potential and likely shifts in the underlying fundamentals in global energy markets. Johannes Benigni and leading JBC analysts give their immediate take on big picture issues and these are instantly available via our Insights service on our JBC Online platform.

 Big ticket issues covered in the recent past include:

  • IMO Repercussions
  • What’s Next for Iran?
  • US Crude Debottlenecking
  • Is there still a Bright Future in Plastics?
  • The Future with Covid-19
  • The Case for Refinery Consolidation
Latest issues

Issue 4 - 1 Jun'21

• With Covid-19 easing, climate change moves front and centre on the energy agenda. • The energy transition is being forced upon firms by both shareholders and the courts. • 55% of the technologies needed to half emissions by 2050 don’t exist yet. • A negative investment environment for fossil fuels, risks endangering security of supply.

Issue 3 - 14 Apr'21

-A review of 2020 and outlook for 2021 -A look at what traders were up to when crude prices went negative in April 2020 -An update on the current geopolitical hotspots

Issue 2 - 11 Mar'21

Dated Brent on a roller coaster

Issue 1 - 5 Mar'21

Will inflation fears push oil to $100?